We stock the following types of Slatwall Hooks:

Single Prong Hooks

Single prong hooks or slatwall prongs are probably our most popular items so we always hold loads in stock.

Buy Single Prong Hooks from: £0.18 each

Euro Hooks

Euro hooks are ideal for hanging products to maximise retail product displays but minimise shop display space.

Buy Euro Hooks from: £0.40 each

Multi Hooks

With an elegant chrome finish, our slatwall multi hook is ideal to display bags or any other hanging items.

Buy Multi Hooks from: £3.95 £2.25 each

Picture Frame Hooks

Our short hooks and mounting plates offer a variety of ways to hang items like clocks and picture frames on slatwall.

Buy Picture Hooks from: £0.37 each

Use of Slatwall Hooks

Slatwall panels are the ideal shop fitting solution and one of the most popular ways of transforming plain walls into effective merchandising areas by maximising valuable display space. It is practical, cost effective and suitable for all businesses, including fashion retailers, newsagents, estate agents, supermarkets, showrooms, designer stores, shoe and sports goods outlets, plus many more.

Slatwall panels have horizontal grooves that can support inserted hooks. A slatwall hook is designed to slide easily into these horizontal grooves and allow retailers to hang merchandise from it. The uses for a slatwall hook are pretty endless. They are an extremely versatile piece of equipment usually made of steel or chrome and come in different lengths used to accommodate an assortment of merchandise.

We are specialist metal slatwall hook stockists who supply these every day essentials such single prong hooks, euro hooks and slatwall multi hooks. These are able to hold products of varying sizes and weights, depending on the capacity of the hooks. We have a comprehensive range to choose from and currently have the following in stock:

  1. Single Prong Hooks – 25mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm
  2. Euro Hooks – 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm
  3. Multi Hooks – 380mm
  4. Picture Hooks

You can purchase one or two slatwall hooks if you are simply looking to stock up on spares for a future date. Alternatively, for those who are undertaking a large retail or shop project we have bulk buying options available in boxes of one hundred. Should you require any further information our knowledgeable staff can be contacted on 01909 518923.